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IFMSA National Language Test and Distribution of exchanges 2019

 General information


What is the National Language Test?

The National Language Test (further referred to as NLT) serves as a certification that student's language skills are sufficient to take part in an IFMSA exchange. The test level will be B2 - C1 and it will contain medical terminology. The test will be composed of multiple choice questions, grammar exercise, communication, academic language and reading comprehension exercises. The test will have 61 questions with a total of 100 points. There is just one correct answer for each question.  The applicants who reach 60% in the test will get a certificate from IFMSA CZ as a proof that they are capable of participating in an IFMSA exchange. This certificate is valid for 1 year.

Students who don't reach the 60% pass line will not be allowed to participate in the process of distribution of exchanges.

The test will be held on 22nd October 2019 at 18:30 at all medical faculties in Czech Republic. There will be NO alternative date. The check-in on the test day will start sooner, you will find the information in your application.

The results will be published on 29th October 2019 around 22:00


How can I register for the test?

Registration for the test will be open from 8th October 2019 00:00:00 till 18th October 2019 23:59:59  at

  • After the registration period is over IT WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE TO REGISTER !!!
  • For a successful registration it's necessary to fill out the Application which includes the list of chosen countries and consent with the conditions of the exchange competition
  • Filling out the application is only possible during the registration period
  • Editing of the application (=the list of countries) will be possible until 1st November 2019 16:00
  • Upon activating your account the system will generate an MID, your unique identification number which you will need to know at the test day. WITHOUT IT, IT WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE TO WRITE THE TEST
  • The application is completed by payment. Without completed application and paid administration fee it will not be possible to take part in the test. After a successful payment you will receive and email with confirmation and "GUIDE SHEET". Guide sheet will contain your account details, your MID and a confirmation of payment. We recommend to print it and bring it to the test.
  • With registration for the test you're expressing your consent with the Conditions of Protection of Personal Data


The registration is happening since 8th October but I have an important credit test on the 13th, I’m behind schedule, I’m studying and not really paying attention to any information about the test. After I’ve successfully passed the credit I want to apply for NLT. I register on I didn’t really have time to think about where I would want to go let alone read through Exchange Conditions of the countries. Nevermind that, until 18th October it’s enough if I just register to the contest. After that I can edit the list of the countries until 1th November 4 PM. That is by the way after I have learnt my results so I can edit the list according to how well I think I’ve done in the ranking. And then of course the payment is the last step to have my application complete. 120 CZK must be credited to IFMSA no later than 21st October at noon.



The administration fee for the test is 120 CZK/ 150 CZK.  Without completed application, therefore paid fee, you cannot participate in the test.

There are two ways of payment:

  • online payment through PayPal (150 CZK due to PayPal fees)
  • transfer to IFMSA CZ bank account (120 CZK, FIO bank)

The payment must be credited to IFMSA CZ's account until 21st October 2019 12:00. In case of any complications with the payment please contact your Local Officer immediately. The bank reserves 3 working days to make the transfer so take that into account when you make the payment. To the message for the recipient ALWAYS write your name and faculty. If you have doubts whether or not was your payment successfully credited bring the invoice to the test.

Once you choose at least one country and save your choice, the complete payment information will be available on the website.

After the payment it is not possible to cancel your registration but you do not have to attend the test. The administration fee is not refundable even if you don't take the test. Every participant must follow the instructions of the test coordinator on the test day. The coordinator has the right to exclude the participant if they are not following their instructions. In this case, there is no refund of the fee. No copying is allowed! Copying will be taken as not respecting the rules and will be a valid reason to expel the participant from the test without the right of refund or any other compensation.


Choosing your exchanges

The students can choose from professional (3rd year or higher) or research (2nd year or higher) exchange. You can choose minimum of 1 and maximum of 15 countries from the list. You need to choose the countries by order of preference, your most desired country being in the first place, and the rest placed accordingly after.

Please make sure to only choose countries you are willing to go to. It's possible that you will get an exchange that is number 15 on your list so even this last one should be a country you would go to.

HERE are the statistics of students' preferences from last year.

Before making the list IT'S ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL TO READ THE EXCHANGE CONDITIONS OF YOUR DESIRED COUNTRIES !!! It's often left out but very crucial thing. Study the documents needed, look through the available cities and universities, projects and departments. Also, it's good to know whether or not you'll need a visa, how much is the transport to that country, how many months ahead you need to send the Application Form with all the documents and if you meet all the exchange conditions. For example, some countries only accept students of 5th or 6th grade or need an extra language certificate. If you don't read the conditions you can easily get a country and then find out you don't meet them, in that case you will not be able to go on that exchange, it will go to the exchange market and you will not get any compensation.

Exchange conditions - Professional Exchanges

Exchange conditions - Research Exchanges

WE URGE YOU TO CONSIDER YOUR CHOICE OF PREFERENCES VERY CAREFULLY. WE RECOMMEND to look into last year's statistics. Consider your English skills and how many points you got for IFMSA activities, think about your potential placement in the final list according to the scores and your chance of getting the spot in the "most desired" countries. Try to fill out all 15 choices, it increases your chances of success. BUT choose only the countries you are actually willing to go to. The distribution of exchanges is designed so that your chances of getting the highest exchange on your list is the highest right at the moment of distribution.

You can edit your list of countries until 1st November 2019  16:00.

The Distribution of exchanges

On 1st November 2019 at 22:00 the Distribution of exchanges (we reserve the right to change this term) will take place.

There will be one list for all the test participants from all the faculties and according to this list the exchanges will be assigned to students. You can find more information about the distribution process here

Participating in the National language test does not give the participant any claim to win an exchange. Only participants who meet the 60% pass line can take part in the distribution process. The better you place in the ranking the better are your chances of getting an exchange.

After the distribution, you will be informed how you ranked in the final list. If you had won an exchange your Local Exchange Officer (LEO) or Local Officer on Research Exchange (LORE) will contact you and inform you about the next steps.

In case you win an exchange and decide that you don't want it you can give it up until 5th January 2020 WITHOUT any cancellation fee. This exchange will then go to an exchange market and will be offered to other participants who were successful in the test but haven't won an exchange yet. THINK CAREFULLY if you want to give your exchange up. If you have won a country that was the 13th on your list it means that all of the above (1st to 12th) were already taken. If you give up the exchange you will only have access to the LAST exchange market which will take place on 6th December 2019. This market will be held as ULTRA LAST MINUTE. If you give up your exchange it cannot be undone !


The Exchange Market

What is it:

The Exchange Market serves as a tool to fill up the free spots in each faculty that resulted from some students giving up their exchanges. CAVE! The market is absolutely dependant on luck. It contains randomly vacated exchanges; it has no connection to your preference list. It's basically a little lottery where who clicks first gets the exchange first.

When will they be held?

  1. Market will be held on 08th November 2019
  2. Market will be held on 15th November 2019
  3. Market will be held on 22nd November 2019
  4. THE LAST market open for everyone will be held on 6th December 2019

How does it work?

The market will be open for 20 minutes and it will be a clicking contest on a first come first served basis.

Every participant will have a chance to enter the market at least once.

The students will be invited via email with a date and exact time when the market will open. Please check your SPAM folder as well. As an appendix to that email there will be a list of available exchanges to be chosen from during the market. The number of spots for each faculty will be limited according to the number of available exchanges and will respect the faculty limit (every faculty has assigned specific number of exchanges).

Why the limits?

Every faculty that has outgoing students also has incoming students placed in our hospitals. Therefore, the number of outgoing students needs to match the number of students your faculty is able to accept to be fair to all.

The last market will be accessible to everyone who doesn’t have any exchange and was successful in the test.

The students who already once gave up their exchange therefore lose their place in the list and will only be allowed to participate in THE LAST MARKET.

The students who haven't been assigned an exchange in the distribution will be invited to the market one by one according to the faculty ranking and in 3 to 4 waves (depending on the number of free places).

Students who take part in one of the first three markets, get an exchange there and give it up will then only be allowed to enter the last market.

So how exactly does it work?

Let's have an example:

From Faculty A, 300 students have successfully passed the test. 90 of them were given an exchange in the distribution. 10 students have given up their exchanges before the 1st exchange market. The next students in line will be invited to the exchange market accordingly:

The first market will happen on 8th November 2019.

Students ranked 91. - 100. place will be invited in the first wave from 19:00 - 19:20.

Students ranked 101. - 110. place will be invited in the second wave from 20:00 - 20:20.

Students ranked 111. - 120. place will be invited in the third wave from 21:00 - 21:20.

If all the spots for this faculty fill up in the first wave students from second and third wave will be informed about full capacity for their faculty. This does not mean they cannot be invited to the next market in case some spot from their faculty becomes available again.

The last market:

The onset of clicks in the last market is always HUGE. The available exchanges are taken in first seconds. We are always trying to secure our system as much as we can but even so we cannot guarantee the server will hold. Please count on that.

It is possible that an exchange called "Uvolněná z přednostních stáží" will become available. This exchange has been assigned preferentially during the National General Assembly in agreement with the IFMSA CZ bylaws and the student gave it up.

Distribution of free exchanges into the markets:

Exchanges released from 1st November 2019 22:00 till 6th November 2019 23:59 go to the 1st market.

Exchanges released from 7th November 2019 00:00 till 13th November 2019 23:59 go to the 2nd market.

Exchanges released from 14th November 2019 00:00 till 20th November 2019 23:59 go to the 3rd market.

Exchanges released from 21st November 2019 00:00 till 4th December 2019 23:59 go to the 4th market.

If you wish to give up your exchange after 2nd December, please contact your local officer, it will no longer be possible via the website.


We wish you good luck.

In case of any questions don't hesitate to contact your Local Officer.