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IFMSA National Language Test and Distribution of exchanges 2023

 General information


What is the National Language Test?

The National Language Test (further referred to as NLT) serves as a certification that student's language skills are sufficient to take part in an IFMSA exchange. The test level will be B2 - C1 and it will contain medical terminology. The test will be composed of multiple choice questions, grammar exercise, communication, academic language and reading comprehension exercises. The test will have 61 questions with a total of 100 points. There is just one correct answer for each question.  The applicants who reach 60% in the test will get a certificate from IFMSA CZ as a proof that they are capable of participating in an IFMSA exchange. This certificate is valid for 1 year.

Students who don't reach the 60% pass line will not be allowed to participate in the process of distribution of exchanges.

Registration will be open in October 2023.

The exact schedule of registrations, deadlines and events, as well as requirements for applications and tests will be published on this website. Membership :: Národní jazykový test 2022


In order to participate in the test, you need to have an active membership.


If you haven't filled in this form (or the paper form) yet, please fill in this online application: 

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